By Fundraising

Money raised at the Harpenden Open Choir’s Autumn Concert was donated to the Trust.

The speaker at the Hertfordshire Engineers’ Luncheon Club, who is a collector for the Christmas Appeal, donated his fee to the Trust.

Manland Primary School made a donation to the Trust from money raised at their Nativity Play, and a local group of carol singers also donated their takings to the Trust.

A generous donation was made by Beechwood Park School.

Waitrose made a donation from money raised by their Green token scheme in December last year and have pledged to do this again in December 2017.

In April 2017 a donation was made by the Duplicate Bridge Club.

In July 2017¬†Harpenden Theatre gave a presentation of ‘St. Hilde’s Fete’ in the grounds of St. Nicholas Parish Church and, after expenses, the proceeds were presented to the Trust.

In September a local bee keeper contacted the Trust to say that she was going to give the proceeds of her honey sales to the Trust.

St. Nicholas Sunday Club have told us that the children will be making weekly donations next term to a charity, which will be the Trust.

We are most grateful to all of the fundraisers for their sterling efforts.

If you would like to give a donation other than at Appeal time please click here for our Donations page.

Getting in touch

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Call in and see us at the Trust Centre between 10am and noon, Monday to Friday

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