Our Team

President Emeritus:    Susan Fairbairn

President:  Teresa Heritage

Vice Presidents:    Geoffrey Kelly, Roy Brimblecombe

Board of Directors and Trustees:

Cedric Kennedy (Chairman)

Dennis Andrews (Secretary)
Chairman:  Property Committee

Sue Coad
Chairman:  Care Fund

Roona Ellis (Non Executive)

John Goodson
Director of Finance

Norman Hoare
Chairman:  Community Fund

Michael Imeson (Non Executive)

Rodger Livesey (Non Executive)
Chairman:  Audit and Risk Committee

Jan Seager (Non Executive)

Graham Westwell
Chairman:  Appeal Committee

Care Fund:

Sue Coad
Chairman:  Social Support Teams

Chris Bonney
Leader:  Children’s Outings

Jill Cohen
Chairman:  Christmas Parcels

Sue Daglish and Cheryl Noakes
Chairmen:  Coach Outings

Geraldine Mitchell
Chairman:  Financial Support Teams

John Coad
Chairman:  Youth and Schools

Nick Luckett
Chairman: Home Visits

Michael Snowden
Chairman:  Utilities

Lynn Blackwell

Doreen Campfield
Chairman:  Office

John Goodson

Rosemary Farmer
Seniors Club Activities

Paddy Jones
Administrative Assistant

Graham Westwell
Chairman:  Christmas Appeal

Lettings Secretary:

Kay Smith

Community Fund:

Norman Hoare

Alan Cox

Susan Fairbairn

Joanna Gardner

Heather Nye

Charles Pocock

Steve Pryor

Jan Seager

Anthony Steele

Getting in touch

Ring us on 01582 460457 anytime. If the office is unmanned, you can leave a message and we will phone you back.

Call in and see us at the Trust Centre between 10am and noon, Monday to Friday

Write to us at:
The Harpenden Trust,
The Harpenden Trust Centre,
90 Southdown Road,
Harpenden, AL5 1PS.